Lightmind Extract 004


Paul M. 8.27.04
To me, Wilber wrote no finer book than “Grace and Grit.”

But he doesn’t talk about “grace” that much, at least not as a topic per se. He talks about grit a lot, and about grace a little. His meeting with the Germans in the bar is one example. In an odd way, it is the climax of the book.

I posed the question to Jim below, “how can we get grace, anyway?”

I am not hedging by saying that there is no concrete answer.

Here are some comparative comments.

We can get more awareness by meditating. Meditating is definitely not the only way, but it is a way.

We can get more strength by exercising. Again, there are other ways, steroids being one of them.

I am going to re-form the question. How can we aquire the grace of unity consciousness?

We have to go deeply into the meaning/relevance of this question as an efficacious tool which might facilitate reaching the goal of unity consciousness. Is such a question any such tool…does it lead to a goal?

It is my feeling that keeping this question open is just such a tool, but we must not look for a direct/concrete answer…as an expectation. We must relinquish this expectation.

Patanjali said, 1500 years ago, that we can take certain substances which will produce this state of unity consciousness. We can take LSD, and maybe we will experience unity consciousness. This is like taking steroids to gain strength.

The thing is, does the LSD do it, or does it just let us have the experience by breaking down our daily consciousness? I think it is the latter.

This is a greedy way of attaining a conscious state, and nothing attained by greed will satisfy. I think Huxley and Leary would agree with me. Any goal, greedily attained, will sour.

Wilber got his experience of grace with the Germans, seemingly unasked for…he even didn’t want it at first. Grace often works this way.

The fact is, we really don’t want grace, it is too “squishy, touchy-feely, simple-minded, naive, and weak.” We don’t want anything to do with it! It is for losers. We want to be winners, and do it ourselves! Then we have something to be proud of! Grace is the antithesis of the pride we have in ourselves.

Well, Wilber gave up his pride for a moment, and danced with the Germans. It was grace!

No questions about grace helped him. No requirements were fulfilled. No desires were met. He didn’t escape from his troubles (don’t we think grace means escaping from our troubles?). His troubles were still there…but he danced, all the way!

I saw a spot on TV where it showed Polish prisoners in a German concentration camp during WWII holding their own Olympics…with their German captors…all (including the Germans) saluting the Olympic Flag! The survivors were on TV, and one of them cried. This is grace.

So, I say, throw out the question “how can I get grace?” Just remember that grace is not impossible. Remembering this may, just may, be enough.


One Response to “Lightmind Extract 004”

  1. 1 marmalade

    Grit is about acting towards.

    Grace is about being acted upon.

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