Lightmind Extract 009


Puer 9.18.04
Credentials?!! You want some stinkin’ creditials??!!!

Hi Jonru,

I was tempted to respond to some points made in the root post of this thread … but (with according appropriate respect to you, Julian), the spiritual vanity was a bit too … um … pungent … yes, pungent, that’s the word … for my taste. (A lil’ hard on you Julian, but the pedantry in your post provokes a whack.)

A carefully crafted spiritual ego may be—due to it’s subtlety—more stinky than a good, honest word-up persona. Hell, beliefs are beliefs, either way … I reckon nobody’s really a Jnana or a word up … Non-beliefs have the “stink of Zen” too.

There’s not a singel rule to this deal. (Including that rule.) In fact, speaking of Cohen, he told a group of us retreatants in India about his surprise (and simultaneous grok) when his teacher, Papaji, mischeiviously said, “You don’t have to do a thing to be enlightened.” Now, this point is particularly interesting becasue Andrew’s teaching style is the most … muscular I’ve been around … so much so that it gives pause.

For better or for worse, sadhana here has been of the often-excrciating and often-effortless variety. Many word up fulcrums, many years on couch, cushion, and local pub. Just glad the ol’ bodymind is intact after extremes of shit, shaktipat and dysentery. Interestingly, although Adya spent years on the cushion, I don’t think he ever spent a minute in therapy. Didn’t need it, I think. By nature he has a sweet personality. Pretty good family, too. Nice parents. I’ve expressed my envy of his wholesomenesss many times.

Re. maps: The cliche says “the map ain’t the territoy.” Okay, one-dimensionally that’s true. But, contrary to the point made that maps “should” point to the practice or something … maps … are also not other than the territory. That’s why most of us read Ramana. There’s no map, no reader …

Example: Mokshananda (the first of his students whom Adya asked to teach) was simply reading Wilber one day, and, Boing!, wake up time.

Re. no practice except pain: Eckhart Tolle, who transmits in person like a super nova, did no sadhana except to inquire deeply on the eve of his planned suicide, and Viola!, he wakes up “enlightened” and the only suicide was his ego’s.

To make a general point about the conditions wherein a technique / strategy / helper is indicated: If you tend to lean too much to the right, lean to the left. If you lean to the left, then lean right. If you don’t lean … then don’t lean.

Beyond techniques, I do notice that intensity does open some doors. (Richard Moss speaks of “transformational vectors” rather than crystalized practices. Intensity is one such vector. I like that, since it’s trans-technique and specific form.) Intensity is a good antidote for the stinky “no-effort” trap. (Hey, no worries, mate! Cohen bludgeoned the Aussies on this one …)

Seems like “practice” doesn’t always imply understanding.



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