Lightmind Extract 016


~julian 10.27.04
interesting points markdavid. i agree critical thinking is important and that the neoadvaitins are a force seeking to spread their message, who are themselves very critical of other approaches – they do after all have the market cornered “absolute truth”…….(or is that the born again christians?) anyway….

nice to hear a critique from someone whose been in on adyas world, as i have not. thanks.

interesting point about reactivity against a recent former stage. i think we all do this.

for me the big red flag has to do with thinking that the new stage is the ultimate answer. this just seems so obviously psychologically loaded with wishful thinking and hubris, and none i have seen are more caught up in this syndrome than the neo-advaitins.

as jim quoted wilber saying, it’s a kind of extreme absolutism that trashes the relative realm – in an actually very dualistic, child minded way!

non-duality = samsara and nirvana are one

dualistic advaita = only that which does not come and go is real

non-duality = all emptiness is form, all form is emptiness

dualistic advaita = all practice postpones the radical realization of pure emptiness

non-duality = eternity is in love with the productions of time

dualistic advaita = love and time are illusory, eternity is a concept only the spaces between the words are worth paying any attention to, and there is no-one to pay attention anyway…..hahahahaha

my point is that non-dual awareness is actually an incredibly sophisticated shift in consciousness that takes place (in an integrated way) after a lot of study, practice, exploration. it is easily misunderstood, easily misrepresented *as the very transcendentalism* it attempts to short circuit.

radical non-dual awareness recognizes the whole human experience as not -two: no split between spirit and flesh, body and mind, sacred and mundane, no contradiction between meditation and psychotherapy, eternity revealed as (and only as) the productions of time, nirvana revealed as (and only as) the dance of samsara, form eternally shifting to reveal it’s own inherent emptiness – the human being as the vessel for it’s own deepening cognition of spirit, suffering as the doorway into freedom, your own pain as the opening into compassion, insight and wisdom arising as we contemplate our own ignorance.

none of this oversimplified or turned into a dualistic dogma or way of denying or deifying any single aspect…..none of it turned into a way of creating in and out-groups and insulting people’s human experience in the name of some “enlightened truth”.

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  1. 1 marmalade

    I just commented on a post about the differences between Centauric integration and Nondual attainment. I was thinking that if someone experiences Nondualism but lacks Centauric integration, then this would seem to be lesser form of Nondualism. I would think that a greater expression of Nondualism would not only be a transcendent experience of oneness but also a way of fully being in the world.

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