Lightmind Extract 021


~julian 11.27.04
hmmm actually what i am saying heru is that everything is not relative. there is a difference between integral thinking and relativism. this is precisely the new age error: a lack of discernment in the name of non-judgment. you are doing it here too, imo :O)

the half right part of you create your own reality is: there are ways in which your conditioned lenses have a strong influence on your choices and create self-fulfilling prophecies because you are not open to other possibilities. also: your unconscious material shows up (as jung says) as “fate” in your life.

the next step after this realization is using a technique like psychotherapy or meditation to become more aware of your unconscious beliefs/perceptions, disowned emotions, etc…….then go through a healing process in which the energy is freed up, insights arise, we own our process/pain/desires and thus are freed up to make new choices and be more open to new possibilities.

the half wrong part is actually dead wrong and there is nothing fundamentalist about saying so.

it is this: it is wrong, erroneous, inaccurate to say that everything that happens in your life is a product of your own thinking; that you actually create everything that happens, that is you just think about life differently from your conscious, surface ego, it will transform anything, if you just believe it will……….that you can influence the outcome of situations through your thoughts. that if you think bad thoughts bad things happen, if you think good thoughts good things happen.

all of this falls into the category of wishful/magical thinking, infantile omnipotence, and narcissistic delusion.

so what?

well, what i have attempted to illustrate in my initial post is that this creates a MISPLACED SENSE OF AGENCY and RESPONSIBILITY which creates a SUBTLE SENSE OF SHAME AND SELF BLAME. these are actually obstacles to a HEALTHY AWARENESS OF REALITY and a sense of COMPASSION FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

it is always a DEFENSE against the emotional/existential reality of life, and as such will (ironically) continue to hold the individual back from real healing and psycho-spiritual growth/transformation.

i did not miss what you said at all heruka, it is just not that applicable to what i am saying.. :O)

absolutely – the new age is a blend of genuine truths and regressive distortions, that has been precisely my point all along, which you seem to have missed. (!)

what i am doing here is illustrating a dynamic that creates a cycle that is only breakable through realizing the central error in perception.

yes, my language is definite, but that is no more fundamentalist than relativism is integral. get it? this conflation is exactly what i am taking about. it generates over simplified conclusions that sound right and have a grain of truth in them, but are actually highly problematic and not good maps to reality.

if you insist on using spiral dynamics to talk about psychology, at least let’s define healthy vs pathological strains of the different colors, yeah? distinctions become quite important here.

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