Lightmind Extract 027


~julian 1.24.05
yes that is called counter transference and a therapist would work on his counter transference with his spiritual guide called a supervisor.

he would take responsibility for his stuff” as it gets triggered by the relationships with his clients and work it out elsewhere , so as to keep the space clean for the people who are paying him to be there for them!

it is not the job of the student to help ramesh to heal.

certainly not their job to have to suffer the consequences of his acting out his unconscious, unresolved, un-worked through material.


now is we took an integral, transpersonal psychological approach to these ubiquitous issues, as has been suggested by kornfield, welwood and others, there would be checks and balances that helped keep these communities healthy and sane.

problem is people fascinated with the naive red herring concept of enlightenment are not interested as much in healthy and sane as they are in special and unique – so this is what they get; ungrounded experiences of immature gurus with ordinary problems pretending to be extraordinarily enlightened.

followed by special rationalizations of mundanely vulgar behaviour!

of course there are some lovely and kind teachers out there who do great service, and i am not dissing them.

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