Lightmind Extract 029


Sunya 1.29.05
‘the great sweat’ is greater if no sweat is wasted, and less conscious if sweat is wasted, no? mere effort and exertion by themselves are noble in intent at best but essentially a mis-management of energy. ‘the great sweat’ in art or enlightenment may be to learn to add what would make us sweat less to the soup – such as self-acceptance, a quiet mind, greater presence in the moment rather than beating ourselves for past moments or looking ahead to future moments. this requires more focus not less. but at the same time it requires greater relaxation rather than tension. i feel that the aspiration towards truth, beauty and perfection is innate and comes from the truth of who we are moving towards its self-realization/actualization. there is a point where the beliefs behind great effort (that we are not That which we aspire towards) actually interefere in the ability to manifest what we aspire towards because they concretize the notion that we are separate from it.

there is much more to say about this but no time ….

namaste and love,


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