Lightmind Extract 030


Sunya 2.4.05
indeed you captured the dilemma that encompasses realization and embodiment when we look from one vantage point to another and hope to accomplish in self-knowing awareness that which has already been accomplished. – this is where ramana’s suggestion can be so potent: that when we inquire deeply and find (beyond) to whom this matters to, the accomplisher disappears, the knot unties, the split between subject and object, self and other and the apparent conflict between the ‘always already’ accomplished and that which has yet to be accomplished dissolves.

one of my points was that the ‘active way’ need not be ‘hard work’ if it is not measured and assessed from outside of the flow of the experience itself… and it may be. i notice there is an assumption that change, flow, realization is difficult when in fact the sense of difficulty comes from resisting the change, flow and realization. but that resistance is often habitual and relaxing it can be (funny enough) ‘hard work’.

love and joy in the living of the fourth noble truth,


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