Lightmind Extract 031


Kela 2.1.05
Shankara says that all injunctions are of the domain of cause and effect. We might exptrapolate a bit further and say that they are of the moral domain, Kierkegaard’s ethical order.

“Do the injunction”. Notice how quickly this becomes the self-righteous “Get off your ass and do your sadhana!” This shows that the injunction belongs to the moral order. Someone not doing their sadhana is analogous to a bunch of school kids who have to clean up while watching a bunch of other kids who don’t have to: “It’s not fair”, they yell. Yes, justice has not been served. It is not just that some don’t do their sadhana.

In the past, one could routinely read at the Illusion of Enlightenment the following type of platitude: “There are some who say there are easy paths, quick paths, sudden paths, but we all know that that path to Enlightenment is hard work,” at which point there was much agreement and head nodding. This is a righteous matter after all, doing one’s sadhana, and what is more righteous than hard work for us middle class types?

Yogananda has a great image in his Autobiography of a Pyrogie: Each properly performed kriya yoga pranayam is equal to one’s year’s worth of “normal” evolution. Now there’s getting your money’s worth. Great returns on that practice.

Now imagine all that effort being worthless in terms of the Currency of Heaven. Ya can”t take it with ya they say.

“You’re wrong. Your’e dead wrong. You don’t know how wrong you are!” When someone says this to me I immediately know that the righteous indignation they express when they says it will be directly proportionate to their attachment their “sadhana”, their spiritual “capital” and I can calculate accordingly.

Methinks some just can’t break with the idea that in the end, it all might just be worthless, as worthless as reading all those books about “spirituality”, as worthless as all those trippy “experiences”. After all, and unlike the latter two, they have invested so much into it. Imagine telling a child to put their nickels in a piggy bank that sits over a storm drain, only someone forgot to put the cork into the bottom of the piggy bank. All of that time and money…. lost. This is difficult to face. It’s so unjust.

An unjust God is intolerable. So is a capricious God, one that grants beautitude out of the blue to some schmuck, and then ignores the others who work for years at their sadhana. It’s just so darn intolerable.

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