Lightmind Extract 032


~T 2.1.05
I used to do this routine that Almaas recommends called the Hoffman or Quadrinity process, an emotional bath and maha-marathon including extraordinary confrontations and maniacal cathartic releases – contributed by Naranjo – around one’s belief systems. I also put people through it if they volunteered for duty. One of the things people worked out was their anger at God. People would wail and rail. People are pissed at the Man Upstairs.

You can ride the horse, the white horse of the junkie or the gray mare of the cult crazy. I’d prefer the former.

The horse is our life. Here we is.

How we relate to practice is the meta-practice.

When I earlier had different sadhana to do, I would not do them on any constant basis for 2 reasons one of which was laziness. The other reason is that I would inquire of any guilt or shame that might come up rather than perform at the driven guilt-whipped donkey level. I”d get up in the AM, think about practice, notice the guilt and let it go. That’d be it. I don’t think this is the whole story, the sole alternatives. Can we possibly forget that our mind creates constructs to drive ourselves even more crazy?

At a more personal level, my preceptor, who always did his practices, never told me to practice. He was artful. At other times, he’d say, Practice but know it’s not true. You had to figure it out for yourself.

Injunctions may appear to be in the domain of cause and effect but more to the point, my sense is that practice relates to the accrual of personal power not realization. Also, since you are unavoidably riding the horse, you know, it provides a course as in the old saying, who’s riding who, mind riding or riding mind. There has to be some love in it too, otherwise….

The powerful image of Shunryu Suzuki comes to mind, walking in procession with advanced cancer, banging his staff into the ground with every other step.

I once asked my teacher or Guru what he thought of Western neo-Advaitins who said that practice was an engagement with duality. He said, Oh, that’s ego, adding, Not to practice is ego all the while saying practice wasn’t true.

Fair or unfair, worthy or worthless, you cannot not ride the horse. If you can, no prob. word’ horsey?

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