Lightmind Extract 033


~T 2.2.05
….why did Nisargadatta do his practices everyday pre and post realization?

If we eliminate guilt, hope for Siddhahood and righteousness in contemplating this, what then?

2 Responses to “Lightmind Extract 033”

  1. 1 marmalade

    Isn’t it simply habit? We are creatures of habit… enlightened or not.

    There is the idea that a person more or less has all the same beliefs and behaviors after enlightment as before. I remember hearing this in reference to certain Eastern Gurus who are against homosexuality which just so happens to fit perfectly with the accepted beliefs of their culture. They were raised with this belief, and enlightment isn’t capable of dislodging life-long beliefs that were encultured into the persons mind at a tender age. Only psychology can do this.

    This relates to different lines of development I suppose.

    Or you could simply say there was no reason for him to stop doing his practices. One has to do something with one’s time.

    But I’m not enlightened and I’m not familiar with Nisargadatta…
    …so I really don’t know.

  2. 2 muddypractice

    My assumption is that it has to do with feeling a profound sense of gratitude towards the lineage that he received teachings and blessings from.

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