Lightmind Extract 034


~julian 2.2.05
the practice should deepen awareness, self-knowledge, presence, compassion. it should be subversive. it should take us on a journey that asks all of these questions and promises nothing in the end. of course you cant take it with you. all will be lost like tears in the rain, but while we are here, we can make music and we can make love and we can practice the arts of living and healing and awakening because they lessen suffering and increase awe.

if it is being done out of guilt, then that becomes the new feeling/motivation to inquire into.

if it generates self-righteousness, then that becomes another face of the human experience to learn about.

if it generates or springs from a desire to accrue brownie points in heaven then that becomes another delusion to see though.

without practices, the mind, body and heart have less of a chance to heal and awaken, to live well and love deeply.

some need them more than others. perhaps some dont need them at all.

claiming some absolute goal and then squabbling about this silly abstraction as if it is quantifiable is part of the trap of completely missing the point.

the “goal” is meaningless without the process. the process is hopefully amplified and refined by the practice.

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