Lightmind Extract 036


~T 2.13.05
I am right now looking at the mythic and/or non-mythic context we find ourselves in here at this forum including our somato-psychic experiences and reactions abstractly appearing here to others as experienced by I/you/we from behind the screen.

Try this on for size. Whatever we label as the other’s material and even the other’s identity are filters and valves tightening and opening in our somato-psychic consciousness. What we sense is no more than filters and valves and equally so what and how we respond to these filters and valves within our somato-psychic reality create the myth or “me” and “you” as right here in this forum context. To be mentally and physically aware of these mythic constructs could be mighty helpful.

Here’s the weird or precise part. We never experience the “other” in essence but only valves, filters and mythic impressions. There is in fact never any experience of the “other” aside from the foregoing because the other, in essence, is not an experience nor is I/you/we.

My/your/our experience of an “other” is only my/your/our experience of their energetic as remotely and abstractly perceived. So then, “flaws” are valves, contractions, impressions all of which lack fundamental reality. What we experience in our field of an other is often appended too with praise or blame but actually is pure experience if we let it be as such. A “flaw” is a concept as distinct from a somato-psychic experience.

In this context, anyone who rides herd on another is violating the sacred space of pure experience and creating more mythology typically relating to praise and blame with associated conditioning and role playing often of enlightened and unenlightened acting parts. That method does not bring a person into the realm of pure experience. it needlessly adds on on right and wrong ways of being. In fact, those who employ such “teaching” methods are themselves often enough acting out and reinforcing a myth of false identity in themselves and others.

Perhaps we can see and feel though the myths for what they are. Yeah!

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