Lightmind Extract 037


~julian 3.22.05
i must say though that i do observe that for most westerners, the desire to “see through the illusion of separateness” often pre-figures doing any serious work psychologically and consequently the vulgar interpretation and buzzword oversimplicity tends to stop us dead in our tracks around doing what i would call the “real work” – spiritual or psychological- because mostly the fantasy trip around enlightenment is a defensive acquisition in the game of denying the deep unconscious pain most all of us are carrying…..consequently a new iron clad spiritual ego is formed that perpetuates the denial and repression of that which our soul is aching to get related to in an honest way…

sure, there is a small group who do as you have done and integrate along the way as they honestly realize the necessity of AQAL (for want of a better term) work – and yes! the big energetic openings usually do dredge up a fresh wave of intense material to work with and integrate, people doing the “real” spiritual work know this – others with very little experience will deny any process altogether and the unconscious and the necessity of working through the pre-personal, personal, and interpersonal layers as well as engaging the transpersonal, in both it’s light and shadow multi-faceted manifestations.

all of this gets eclipsed by the fantasy of absolute freedom – something thoroughly debunked by all the folks mentioned above….

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