Lightmind Extract 045


Broken Yogi 9.9.06
I’m not sure you’re getting the point of my western “jungles” reference.

You seem not to understand that realizers arise in reaction to, in spite of, their culture. Do you really think India has been some kind of human paradise for the last three millennia, when all these realizers have appeared there? Quite the opposite. It’s one of the most subhuman and vile societies on earth, filled with exploitation, greed, superstition, the caste system, and every vice on earth. Realizers appeared in India not because the culture was so great, but because it was so obvious that conditional existence was suffering and pointless. So those who were serious about realization went off into the jungles, and many of them stayed there. A few became socialized, and left behind teachings and students. Many did not.

My point is that there may well be serious people in the west pursuing realization, but they may be doing so in the jungles, not in the social sphere. All the stupid and inane and grotesque distortions of life and spirit you mention in the west are all the more reason to suspect that there are some people who are becoming seriously disgusted with it all and are motivated to drop it wholesale and go for realization instead, just as those in India did in response to India’s particular brand of social misery. You are right that people in the west are sick and depressed and suffering massive delusions. But that ought to be cause for optimism, not pessimism, in regard to the possibility that realizers may be developing in the west.

Likewise, the public Gurus in the west are mostly charlatans. Do you really think it has been any different in India? Most of the public Gurus in India are charlatans also, to an even more staggering and corrupt degree than in the West. We like to focus out discussion on the few rate examples in Inida of genuine Gurus, but what about all the rest? India has at least 1,000 times as many Gurus and holy men as the west, and most of them are sheer opportunistic frauds. That’s the colorful truth about India.

Now of course spiritual maturity is intangible in the sense that you can’t quantify it. And of course there is “wiggle room” for anyone who tries to wiggloe through. But that’s the giveaway, isn’t it? Just look at these guys doing the wiggle, and you know they haven’t got it. The guys you met in farm work, did they do the wiggle? I bet not. So let that be one of the tests, the wiggle test, that separates the frauds from the real deal. And of course its a gut decision. Your farm friends, I bet, make gut decisions all day long. They trust their gut. The fact that you don’t trust your gut is what makes you vulnerable to the advaitic wiggle.

Point is, there could be guys among your farm workers who are more serious than half the advaitists out there. So what? That only means there may well be serious people out there who show no signs of it outwardly, who are doing advaitic sadhana for its own sake, and not for the social status they get from it. There may be a real “jungle” out there with a few serious people in it who make all the difference. Isn’t that the way it has been in India for thousands of years? There’s really just a few handfuls of people in every generation who have made Indian spirituality real and great. There’s not reason it couldn’t happen here too. Not that it is, but I disagree with your pessimistic assessment based on social trends. Serious people recognize that society sucks everywhere you go, and they don’t look for society to guide them. They take not merely the less-traveled path, but the untraveled path. It’s always been that way, and it probably always will.

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