Lightmind Extract 047


Broken Yogi 5.2.07
Thanks for clarifying what you mean by “trust”. I would tend to agree with you in that sense of “naive irresponsibility”. But I think that is precisely what I am trying to criticize, the notion of “trust” being reduced to an irresponsible childishness, with the implication that truly adult people don’t “trust” anyone, especially Gurus.

One of the primary injunctions of the spiritual life is to cultivate innocence, trust, and simplicity of heart. The “adult” in us likes to suggest that such an approach is childish and irresponsible, and simply cruising for a bruising. So much of this anti-cult talk is simply a way of trying to rationalize this untrusting, complicated, and despoiled attitude that has no innocence left, only a jaded and cynical edge to it. Which is fine if that’s how people want to be, but let’s not kid ourselves that there’s anything spiritual about that. Cultivation of genuine faith, trust, love and innocence is what the whole shebang is really about. Overcoming exploitation and the pains of betrayal – real or imagined – is not accomplished by developing this cynical, worldly, untrusting attitude we find in places like Guruphiliac. It’s another dead end. The real key is to overcome exploitation and betrayal through the cultivation of real trust, faith, love, and innocence, radical and free, in spite of, even because of the overwhelming prevalence of exploitation in the world, spiritually and otherwise.

So I don’t mean to come down on you here. I understand that you have something else in mind when you criticize “trust”. But so do I, and I think it’s more important to cultivate real trust than to merely to try not to be falsely and naively trusting. A little naivete isn’t a bad thing in any case. There’s real wisdom in following the dictum: be like a little child.

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