Lightmind Extract 051


Sunya 12.21.07
Thank you for the recommendation. I have heard of him/them before. I agree that we are merciless towards ourselves. We tend not to remember and trust our innocence and our tender hearts – we tend not to trust our hearts and innate creative intelligence. We are taught through punishment not to trust ourselves and that to ‘be good’ we have to be hard on ourselves.

I am not sure if this was what you were trying to say in your paraphrasization: but the energy we spend on protecting ourselves reinforces the pain that we are trying to avoid in the first place. It stems from the belief/lie that what we are trying to avoid is both real as a separate entity and bigger than us. My defenses hurt more than my vulnerability because they come from the belief that there is something ‘other’ that i must defend myself against and that i am smaller than that other.

Love and namaste,


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