Lightmind Extract 054


Jana 10.24.07

Yea C, siddha show’ers are simply for spiritual businessmen…selling a product “themselves.” They are like the used car sales people. People will tell us subliminally when they get a pure message from us that is not tainted with limited agendas.

Visioneering is about generating the type of chemistry that encourages visionary windows in which information can “come through.” If we are just on automatic pilot, stuck in our pain-body, buffered by addictions, bored and stuck in a repetitive daily routine, then it is unlikely that a eureka, vision or blinding insight will arise. Since visionary chemistry occurs in annual and monthly cycles associated with with sun and the moon we can organize our visionary practices around the movement of the heavenly bodies.

Jeffrey Raff in “Jung and the Alchemical Imagination” gives the following suggestions for active imagination. He tells us that for active imagination the conscious mind must be quieted and centered, with the ceasing of discursive thought. This is done with gentle stretching, counting the breath, meditation, focusing on a single point, progressive relaxation, toning etc…Then you lie down with your eyes closed and invite the unconscious to communicate with you by asking a question and wait for any imagery, voices or ideas to arrive. Hold the intention firmly in the mind and listen, then after the insight arrives then is a period of reflection, assimilation and integration.

To overcome our normal body dissociation and numbness we need to grow “ears” in every cell of our body. As we employ this listening as a daily practice we progressively soften the feeling-sense of the body, building the skill to receive ever more subtle information and nuance.

Before sleep, relax, tune in with the breath and the Inner Arts and ask yourself for great dreams, perhaps even seeding certain questions or specific topics to dream about. Keep a dream journal to encourage the dream phenomena for consciousness goes where you focus it.

When you wake up, after your dream recall period, delve into visioneering aspects, scenarios or goals for your life. Explore what you really want, beyond what you “think” is possible. Build up and feel into this imagery in all 5 senses.

The Muse is simply the integration and fulfillment of body, mind and soul, through living on our edge—bringing deeper levels of being and layers of awareness into our daily existence, which re-enchants our world with synchronicity, magic and meaning. If shallow and numbness aren’t working for your try softness and depth.

“When we radiate out from our heart our most sincere desire to be, to do, to have, then we are alive. Then we are rejuvenated with a fresh sense of meaning and purpose. And this in turn feeds the world.” Garwin Redman

Thriving In Transition, by Marcia Perkins-Reed …”Thrivers understand the six phases of transition—Discontentment, Crisis, Shorting-out, Vision, Action and Evaluation.” Those of us without vision tend to stay in the first two stages.

One Response to “Lightmind Extract 054”

  1. 1 Garwin Redman

    Not everything can or will make sense to the mind. The most successful approaches to awakening or enlightenment, or whatever name you call it……
    …..are the approaches you entertain as a means of being in a state of pure awareness.

    What do I mean?

    Consider reading a couplde of books that place you immediately within the center of your own circle of eternity.

    “The Invisable Path to Success” by Robert Scheinfeld
    “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew (Hu) Len, PhD
    For years, I have always felt there was no subterfuge or hiding from the “alertments” found in Anthony DeMello’s book, “The Way to Love”.

    However the Schienfeld and Vitale books give immediate centering. The beingness is you, the center is you, all else is you.

    Working from such uplifting perspectives opens the entire experience of the Divine for the individual who has forgotten who and what they are…….

    The Divine Itself.


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