Lightmind Extract 060


Elias 3.1.07
BY: But yes, bliss is dualistic. Too bad. Orgasm also. Even ice cream. What a party-pooper!

Broken Yogi’s statement about bliss definitely describes a “dualistic” bliss. He compares spiritual bliss to an orgasm and even to ice cream. That is to say he appears to equate spiritual bliss with various neurological or sensational feelings of pleasure, such as the extreme pleasure of orgasm. He also, in keeping with a kind of “extreme asceticism” relative to anything short of what he imagines to be the Absolute, ends up dissing effortless states like Nirvikalpa Samadhi — opining, I gather, that such ecstacies are simply brain-orgasm or a form of yogic auto-eroticism.

I must disagree with him, based on my own experience. I think it is a terrible mistake to confuse physical pleasure with spiritual bliss. To even talk about the two things in the same breath is to show a lack of understanding about the nature of spiritual bliss.

Now BY’s unhappy concentration of the evils of dualism is well known. He seems to view spiritual life almost entirely through a nihilistic attempt at ego-murder (or ego-suicide), and doing away with the nasty obstructionism of his egoism. So it is that in describing meditation, he sees it in terms of “frustration” — i.e., disciplining the ego, “frustrating its cravings”, etc. It’s an entirely Daist approach, imho, and indeed that kind of approach to spiritual life is the very basis of the cult of the guru-as-saviour. It begins with self-loathing — naming the ego as “naricissus”, and naming the activities of the ego as sin or “missing the mark”. From there it proceeds to a kind of anorexic approach to Spirit, in which one progressively denies this ego-vampire its blood-meal, until it virtually starves to death — to be followed, of course, by Enlightenment. He hopes.

I’m more of a tantric myself. I don’t see joyous participation in all aspects of the body life as anything to worry about. I certainly don’t consider them necessarily egoic. I am also a man who knows that his ego is rather puny and helpless before Buddha Nature. To worry about the ego, to attempt to “frustrate” the ego — that’s the ego’s self-concern. And as we know, the ego uses self-concern as an excuse for not looking when God (or the Inner Guru) appears. We see a lot of that in these cults. But to stand (dualistically) before the Self (or Inner Guru) and be humbled — that’s real religion and that’s a real form of meditation.

Why even worry about the “end” of the ego or the “end” of dualism? Non-duality — or Reality — can very well take care of Itself. And believe me, Reality is working your case, in every way it can — especially once it catches hold of your attention and gets your mind off such silly worries as “”. LOL

A little less self-concern and a little more modesty before God. That’s the ticket. At that point it might begin to dawn that this “bliss” that is spoken of has nothing to do with craving (although it can have something to do with real heart-love). This bliss is simply the Buddha Nature itself. It is moksha, release, liberation, and falling into the very ground of existence. It is being without modification. “Bliss” is a very nice name for this unalloyed and serene awareness.

So far I can’t give much credence to the dark and gloomy philosophy which BY advocates under the name “non-dualism”. I know the theory, as he expresses it, and it still seems like a mistaken flight into idealized abstractions — an anemic dissociation from life (with life becoming the very thing that is denied). It seems more than a bit like soul-murder. (As if pride could “murder” the “jiva” and its “cravings”, and accomplish anything thereby except further isolation of the ego. Certainly not enlightenment!)


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