Lightmind Extract 061


Broken Yogi 3.1.07

Maybe I should say a couple of words here.

First, the bliss you are talking about is clearly conditional bliss. How do I know? Because it’s a bliss that comes and goes. It’s impermanent. You’ve experienced it at times in past, but clearly not now, and not unbroken since then. So this bliss, no matter how great, is not unconditional. It required certain conditions to be met. It was, itself, a condition of some kind. Thus, it is conditional.

Second, this bliss is frustrating, because it is impermanent. We would like to experience bliss all the time, under all conditions, but we do not. Conditions are frustrating. Lack of bliss is frustrating. It induces craving, the craving for further bliss, for some kind of satisfaction, understanding, wisdom, pleasure, relief, that is lasting and sustainable. This craving is suffering in a nutshell.

Third, even this conversation is frustrating. Clearly, even I am frustrating to you. You want some kind of satisfaction from me, agreement, approbation, acknowledgment, etc., and you do not get it. So you become frustrated, and in your frustration, you lash out. Who doesn’t? This is how we live.

Fourth, there is no way out of this frustrating situation. All ways out are simply part of our craving for relief from suffering, and because we do not achieve that, they are the source of even further frustration.

Fifth, only the cessation of our craving for bliss (or whatever one thinks is the opposite of frustration) brings a genuine end to our frustration.

Sixth, one can cease to crave bliss by not craving bliss. It is an intentional and voluntary, though seemingly compulsive, behavior. We can stop doing it.

Seventh, to stop craving bliss means to stop reacting to our lack of present bliss. It means to stop “acting out” when we are frustrated and upset about the lack of present bliss, or the lack of love and relationship we are experiencing with those around us.

Eight, to stop reacting to our frustrations with life is to stop living conditionally. It means to stop craving in its tracks.

Nine, without our reaction to frustration, craving ceases, and hence frustration itself ceases.

Ten, the cessation of craving is the only true and unconditional bliss.

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