Lightmind Extract 062


crc 3.4.07
As you know the painbody (Tolle) loves to keep growing and occupy our bodymind like a parasite (Ruiz).

An ugly, dangerous and misleading concept. There is no painbody per se, there are only various parts in pain. And this pain points our attention to distress or damage in the physical or emotional body. Such distressed or damaged parts are not helped by being characterized as a separate entity, much less by then being further characterized as parasitical or cancerous (‘loves to keep growing”), as if they had a separate, alien, integrity-destroying agenda or intentionality. This is a false, forced separation and an outright denial of their true desire for relief, acceptance and healing – and only inflicts further distress and damage, the more so for being applied with a consciousness that considers itself objective here – or even worse, as being ‘loving’. The fact that some apparent ‘good’ may result is a measure of the desperation felt by these parts for any acceptance within any kind of love at all. Eventually, the denial and unloving assessment they had to buy into for this conditional acceptance will surface again as subtler problems. And ‘subtler’ here does not mean that it’s become less of a problem; it means that it has become even more circumspect in how it makes itself known. There are some who are indeed capable of building a force field around themselves that no longer allows these messages to come through as one’s own suffering. Needless to say, I find that capacity itself heinous.

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