Lightmind Extract 064


Elias 9.12.07
As for the thinking of the realizer, I have no doubt that some process is going on in the brain that looks like thought, just as when the realizer acts, it looks like a person is acting, and yet, in consciousness there is no sense whatsoever of thinking or acting on their part. Taking your reference to language processing occurring at a level below consciousness, Nisargadatta used to say that his conversations with people, from his point of view, were as automatic as the activities of cells in our bodies, and took virtually none of his attention, any more than it takes our attention to process fluids through our liver and kidneys. However, he said that none of that was actually unconscious in him, it was indeed fully conscious, but it was just an infinitesimally small aspect of his full being and awareness.

Even a fragment of consciousness will take the nature of a person — thus in the phenomenon of “multiple personalities” split-off portions of the mind have all the characteristics of autonomous personalities. This proves rather conclusively that “person” and “ego consciousness” are not the same thing, but two different aspects of human nature.

A child before it develops an ego has the nature of a person, including willfulness, fear of heights, and “desire” constellated around the need to feed. To protect their concept of original sin, Daists have been known to say say a child is “born an ego” or a child is “born narcissus.” Stuff n’ nonsense of a bullshit religion that does whatever it can to rob life of its innocence.

Thinking thoughts: The idea that a realizer doesn’t think but has a “process that looks like thought” is based on the assumption that the ego thinks! Jung demonstrated that thoughts occur separate from the ego and rise from the unconscious only to be claimed by the ego as its own. This has also been demonstrated in the last few years by the new MRI brain science. If memory serves, a time-lapse is seen between the time a group of neurons fires and the “thought” enters awareness.

The ego doesn’t think. Imho the Self is far more capable of thought than the ego. Indeed, one of the revelations that helps crash the ego is the truth that the ego isn’t doing much of all except “clench the fist”. Everything is going on without the ego and always will. The ego owns nothing and is nothing. As you say, it’s an illusion. The “death” of the ego occurs when the ego “realizes” it has no responsibilities and no reason to exist! 


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