Lightmind Extract 065


crc 5.22.07
richlip wrote:
It is very clear that you have no understanding what the real process of awakening requires even though there are stories throughout the traditions that illustrate this ordeal quite well. There must be a conversion from self preservation to self sacrifice.

How many people here believe that awakening requires ‘a conversion from self preservation to self sacrifice’? If one does believe that, the fact that Franklin does not provide even a remotely passable example of self sacrifice would certainly be sufficiently compelling grounds for disenchantment. Even if Frank himself did not espouse and enjoin self sacrifice. Which of course he does, crowning his self-indulgent sundae with the cherry of hypocrisy.

But here we are, at the tail end of the piscean era and its long schizoid ricochet between problematic ego-aggrandizement and the repeatedly enjoined ‘solution’ of self-sacrifice, a dissociated dichotomy wonderfully exemplified in Adi Dam. Here we are, poised upon the very moment when ‘waking up’, as it must have occurred to a growing number, may indeed entail waking up precisely from those very beliefs upon which this dynamism and thus the strategy of self-sacrifice are based. A strategy which, under its militant idealism, is quite dark with charged fear or a kind of salivating glee; with rather terrible impressions of the divine and its requirements matched by equally terrible impressions of one’s human nature. How many reaffirm this long-standing worldview; how many question it?

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