Lightmind Extract 066


crc 8.26.07
Jana wrote:
“If spirituality were even remotely the solution to (much less salvation from) oppressive power structures, there’d be less evidence of those same oppressive power structures in the social reality that actually constellates around nearly every spiritual leader.”

Yea, this kinda of thing made me outright dismiss modern spirituality in groups … I saw the codependency, exclusion, circle the wagons, narcissistic specialness, focus on the one teacher-Guru etc… to simply make the whole thing an ugly addictive dysfunctional mess, only essentially feeding security and power and belonging needs of the ego.

It is truly awful. This ad-nauseam-repeated phenomenon has only strengthened my conviction that a transcendence-oriented spirituality will generally not work as a way to pacify, ignore, shut-up, out-power, out-shine or shame-out-of-existence the concerns of the lower chakras, it will only aberrate them further.

And we’re damn lucky it doesn’t work. The truth is, there lurks within ‘spirituality’ itself, the way it’s actually conceived and practiced by so many proponents, an inherent violence. No matter how mantled in white light nor wreathed in benevolent smiles nor cloaked in p.c.ness, it has been and still remains the least recognized vehicle for legitimized power-tripping and justified disenfranchisement – not primarily between persons, although it does of course show up there, but rather within the individual psyche itself.

Take this quote from Ken in the WIE issue, “Is God a Pacifist?”

Wilber: “This is another thing that people commonly misunderstand. People think that when you say force, it means “I have the right to force you.” But what we’re talking about is that my higher self has a right to force my lower self. That’s all we’re talking about.”

Duh. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t see the glaringly obvious political ramifications of what one sanctions internally, self to self?

Honestly, we ought first to look with a clearer eye at the tactics we each use to govern ourselves. And at the justifications for those tactics. When the power-over structures have been superannuated within, I suspect the question of what can be done regarding the outward government or social powers-that-be will look quite different.

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