Lightmind Extract 068


Broken Yogi 5.3.07
… treat everyone, not necessarily as untrustworthy, but with a keen eye for any signs of deviance. After all deviance and exploitation is rampant in the industry. As Krishnamurti used to say, truly good people are hard to find. Trying to find the gold is like trying to find a needle in the haystack.

Again, I don’t sign onto this. Treating everyone with suspicion, with a “keen eye for any signs of deviance”, seems to me a rather wretched way to go about the matter of life with other people. It’s not just that it shows mistrust of others, it shows mistrust of oneself. Why not simply trust oneself to respond naturally to the presence of corruption in others, when it does appear? Why always be on guard for “deviance”? Do you really think that if you live a trusting, innocent life, you will somehow be insensitive to corruption when it appears? I think the opposite is the case, you will be even more sensitive to it, and act appropriately.

And what is the lesson? Learn to see and feel God in all circumstances, even while being raped or in any way exploited? Who really needs that kind of lesson, and did they really see God anyway or did they primarily get exploited and then have to learn to deal with it all after the fact, trying to keep their trust intact and blaming themselves for not seeing God? That’s more the case from many reports we’ve heard.

Well of course the lesson is to see and feel God in all circumstances, especially if one is being raped or exploited? How else will anyone ever overcome such horrible things? By being endlessly suspicious and paranoid? Even if paranoia is justified by circumstances, is it really how we want to live? Is it a spiritual solution to the problem of exploitive forces in the world? Of course not. The message of spiritual life is to love unconditionally, as Jesus taught. If the lesson we get is to love only after we have thoroughly checked everyone out and rejected all signs of deviance, well, that’s not spiritual life. That’s the ego. The truth of this world is, as you say, that good people are rare, and corruption is virtually universal. The spiritual response to this is to love others anyway, to trust God anyway, to be innocent and kind and loving even in the face of these “facts”. Why? Because one knows a greater truth than corruption. To act as if the world and all others are mostly corrupt is to feed that corruption, to be a part of it, to aquiesce in its spread, which can be done as much by opposing it as by promoting it. If there were no higher truth, then fine, we should all just hunker down and protect ourselves at all costs, and trust no one and nothing until it has been thoroughly proven to us. But there is a higher truth, and this allows us to live and relate to others according to that truth, and not by the corrupted standards of a jaded world.

Far more important than keeping a “keen eye” out for the corrupted and exploitive is to examine the basis of our own actions. Are we corrupted and exploitive? Are we trusting God, trusting surrender, trusting love? If we are not, then we are part of the very problem we are trying to protect ourselves from. How will we protect ourselves from ourselves? Well, all this self-protection ends up destroying us, and corrupting us. There is of course a natural response of self-protection, similar to taking one’s hand out of a fire. We don’t have to keep a keen eye out for such things. They become obvious over time with just a little experience. The problem comes when our natural responses become corrupted. And what corrupts them? We do, by choosing a universal pattern of self-protection over the natural pattern of love, trust, and surrender, in response to these experiences of “getting burned”.

As Papaji said, there are no bad Gurus, just bad devotees. Without bad devotees, bad Gurus can’t exploit anyone. So the important thing to find out is if we are being bad devotees. This is not the same as evaluating whether we have fulfilled some “vow” to our teacher properly. It is about finding out whether we have made love, trust, faith, and surrender our primary mode of living, and allowed our natural responses based on these to guide us. A good devotee is simply unexploitable, even if he has a bad Guru. This is true not only of Da, but of anyone else.

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