Lightmind Extract 070


richlip 5.6.07
Well said BY. All the great breakthroughs in my life were preceded by surrender and trust. I remember when I gave all my money to the community during the $6.00 a week or month time. It was an act of faith without mulling over if I was doing the right thing. I simply trusted the Guru. Soon after I was given the service of getting the new Co-op ready for opening and was assured that my financial obligations to my household were going to be taken care of. Again I simply trusted this and threw myself wholeheartedly into the service. About a month later, the financial rep in my house was having a late breakfast with me and said I had two weeks to meet my financial obligations or I would be kicked out of the house! I was speechless! The betrayal rose up in me like a tidal wave. I couldn’t even respond so I simply walked out to the back porch in total turmoil. I sat in this feeling for a few moments and felt the implications of being kicked out. I realized that I was afraid of the world, of being alone in the world. Upon feeling this, I realized that fear was no way to go through life and stood up to go pack my bags and leave immediately. As soon as I made that gesture, a wave of what I can only describe as Lovebliss descended into the body completely restoring my sense of trust along with the tacit sense that I was being lived by this all-pervading energy.
I simply went about my business completely unconcerned and within a day I got a phone call that I was being sent to serve one of the seed centers in another city. I felt that all of this was the Guru at work but that it was based on my response of total trust and surrender.

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