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All of the “shortcuts” that I mentioned above most certainly possess their own merits—- I’m sure that most anyone who happens to read this can claim to feel some amount of value garnered through using one or more of those techniques. However, what more fundamental path is there other than acceptance and surrender to God’s […]

The whole thing is so terrifically vast in its scope of misapprehension and confusion. My opinion of and ideas concerning you are based on the degree to which I sense that you happen to validate the confused ideas that I have concerning myself. My confused ideas of myself, in turn, are based upon other confused […]

However, from ego’s perspective, these ideas are definitely radical. “I am ego, I’m cool; I just want the best and furthermore have always only wanted the best for my man here. I dig democratic ideas. Why are you threatening to force some sort of theocracy onto this poor guy??” Dualistic projections, dualistic projections, dualistic projections. […]

Something that I have been mulling over lately, and indeed experimenting with quite a bit, as well, as of late: acceptance. Acceptance and surrender, are of course, the themes of voluminous treatises on religion and spirituality. In fact, many would have it that the main teaching to be gotten in this life is that of […]