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A friend of mine attends a twelve-step support group, and recently I have been reading some of the literature that was given to her and talking with her about her experiences with the group. It seems to me that the group’s effectiveness is largely due to two main factors– the recognition of and surrender to […]

I read recently that Norman Mailer would write down every thought, idea, dream and so forth that he had when high. I don’t smoke marijuana, but I sometimes wish that I would write down more of the things that happen to pass through my mind, even if only for my own purposes. Especially in the […]

Perfectionism kills spiritual endeavors. This almost seems like a strange thing to say, because in large part spiritual endeavors are guided by the idea of the Absolute, the Divine, which implies perfection. However, any attempts to make ideal versions of ourselves, or even merely better versions of ourselves, skirt dangerously in the territory of spiritual […]