2) I love it when the sun goes down
When the day gets sleepy as it’s ending
Then I can feel whole and relax again
In the company of the slate-blue sky

The light softens
And my thoughts quiet just on their own
As bliss begins to reveal itself
Like Baudelaire’s night flowers

And I no longer have to struggle to justify my existence
To myself or to any other shadows

I’m alive and I can hear the conversations of people walking in the street below
Talk that might just as well be whispers
as the the trees brushing in the wind

All of this happens by itself!
I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have to interfere
I don’t have to justify myself to myself or any other people or artifices of my imagination
It’s unearned
This perfect movement as the colors change perfectly, just so, in the last utterances of the falling light

I feel whole again
The heart is made known again

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