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God, in his sublime majesty, is sharing the kingdom with all of us, without holding back anything, except insofar as it might prove poisonous to us or premature. And here we are, I and all of my fellow traveling souls, we are enshrouded in God’s love, partaking of God’s love, every day permeated through with […]

The woman on the train who prompted me to feel deep feeling of loving acceptance towards others and myself. Incredibly wonderful gift. All the pressure off, just heart, just the Truth of the heart, and relaxing into that… Seeing myself and others with such light:  everyone is completely fine as they are in the moment; […]

Notes of Love


The deeper processes of life. Trusting. Like rivers which flow, the natural processes, such also occurs in our psyches and the life of our soul. As Jung said, we move towards wholeness. Naturally. Take great inspiration from the natural world. Its majesty and magnificence. The same pervades you. You are comprised of the same forces […]

That sense of pure Being that can easily be felt when the mind subsides in times at rest, or when settled into a meditative or contemplative state. It is like pure fresh water. And it is so powerful. I guess what I don’t understand is, how did it come to be that this pure Being […]

Trust in God, even though the night seems dark. Trust in God, unwaveringly, who is the Lord of the Universe. For He is Love itself. A love unknown to most of us on Earth – being as it is without conditions, without expectation or ulterior considerations whatsoever.

Why is waking life so privileged over the dream or deep sleep states, when it is simply the flow of consciousness, which we try to put the brakes on, we try to squeeze, we try to alter or change in desperate fashion, so that things will seem to be “okay” again. It tends to transpire […]

A prior assumption of love. To paraphrase a writer whose pennings I admire, claiming that we don’t love each other is a lie. The truth is that everyone loves everyone. Something that is important I think is to take the first step towards God — however illusory and arrogant that sounds. But at least having […]