A prior assumption of love


A prior assumption of love. To paraphrase a writer whose pennings I admire, claiming that we don’t love each other is a lie. The truth is that everyone loves everyone.

Something that is important I think is to take the first step towards God — however illusory and arrogant that sounds. But at least having the pretensions to do so might in fact be a most suitable prescription. In other words, even though we may be temporarily blind to the truth of God’s love, if we take the step of loving God even without that firsthand confirmation that God loves us, then we have loved after the spirit of God, which is to say, sans conditions. Through such an act we love God despite not knowing whether God loves us, just as God loves us without first receiving our Love, making sure that it is “okay” to love us, that we have “earned” it, etc…. loving without prior confirmation, in other words. Thereby we are taking the initiative to extend love, without checking first to be sure that it is “safe” to do so. And similarly we should aspire to do such towards other people, as well.

All there is is Love; the entire Universe is made up of it, how could it be otherwise?

This workaday world somehow obfuscates the otherwise blinding reality of Love. How can this be? The world is created by mind – mind’s assumptions, fears, desires, expectations… consequently, distracted by these swiftly moving or perhaps lead-sunken-like phantasmal images we then fail to see love’s omnipresence, love’s obvious and insistent grandeur.

Without the distraction of the world, of our so-called problems, of the idea that life must needs be some struggle, our love for one another would be patently obvious. However, caught up in our ego-bound identities, these ideas that we lock into and identify so strongly with, even at the risk of obscuring our true Being, we then begin to judge and fear. Duality happens. (hmm, I’m starting to sound like ACIM here)

If we were free of this ego-bondage, if we were free, then love would automatically become apparent. But for now there are blocks to us perceiving it and giving it and receiving it, etc. Judging, fear, etc. Or more to the point, perhaps it indeed is fear that is the basis of it all. (ACIM, again!..)

The sensible prescription imo thus entails:  Love everyone without checking to see if it’s “okay” first. Without checking to see if they “deserve” to be loved. Without checking to see if we will be “safe” or “okay” if we love a given person.

Don’t wait for conditions of any sort to be right! Just love, love, love. Be completely and utterly profligate with the heart, abandon yourself to letting love forth untrammeled.

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