Sundays, burnt to a crisp


God, in his sublime majesty, is sharing the kingdom with all of us, without holding back anything, except insofar as it might prove poisonous to us or premature. And here we are, I and all of my fellow traveling souls, we are enshrouded in God’s love, partaking of God’s love, every day permeated through with his blessings, and moving through this world. 

Sometimes I think that there is so much separation between myself and even those I think of as nearest to me, but in fact we are together, being held by God’s love. God’s love is shining on us all, equally, so no matter our apparent divergent paths or conflicts in the moment, we are one in Love, God’s Love, and one day this will be so readily apparent, like the burnt-orange rays of sunrise emerging over the earth’s horizon.


Being a soul and being exposed to God’s beauty is so incredibly overwhelming. Feeling like there is the possibility of being burnt to a crisp by the sun’s blazing white rays



Living waters
Burnt orange sunshine
The Grace of God
Dismantles hope
With great efficiency
Revealing the sublmity of who we are

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