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We can always find reasons not to love someone. So why even get started down that road, pondering whether someone is “deserving” of being loved or not? We may have been taught that way, but is such really even love, the idea that in order to be loved we must first earn it or prove […]

Most people are not burnt out enough on trying to find real happiness or lasting satisfaction amidst the temporary conditions of samsara. Most people don’t actually want to discover their true nature. They want to be entertained, or they desire to achieve greater prosperity, better relationships, etc., via self-help schemes. Most people are still tangled up in the eight […]

There is a basic assumption many of us hold which partly expects, in the process of beginning to seriously dedicate ourselves to spiritual practice, or in making a commitment to work on (and hopefully with!) ourselves psychologically, or in immersing ourselves in any general sort of inner work, that our lives and habitual dispositions will […]

Most of us grow up encouraged by a society which places a naive faith in the powers of thought. Which is to say that we believe that in large part the way to achieve happiness or any of our ostensible goals in life is best accomplished by merely thinking our way to our desires’ ends, as if […]

Peace. Whereas there is such war everywhere, all the time. Life needn’t be a huge fight all the time. Or at all. Peace is the absence of that struggle. The absence of defense. Why do we go into loving relationships, even, as if they were a theater of war that we must gear up for? […]

We can and should take seriously the insistence of Jesus that “in my house there are many mansions”. This is true on many levels — not just in the sense that God invites our souls to all of us as well as to God, but also in the sense that there is room enough for both […]

So, the fact is, if we approach life as merely boiling down to presenting a conventional picture of “success”, as much of contemporary western society tends to define it, then we are pretty much all in big trouble! Mostly all of what might constitute our greatest models in that sense, whether “worldly” or spiritual, turn out to […]