The Arc of Lovelessness (1)


There is a concept that I have been fixated on lately, which may sound silly right off the bat. But, it appeared in my mind as “the arc of lovelessness”, which I think is something that is heavily perpetuated in the world as we conceive of it and exist in it. In large part, in struggling to become an adult, I have found that most of my fellow adults are heavily defended against life itself, which is to say, heavily defended against the threat of Love that backgrounds all of our lives and calls to us to reoccuringly bring It into being, despite all of our daily frustrations and hindrances.

There is the feeling that we can’t afford to give an inch, because if we do, then the spectre of this apparent lovelessness will take over our very beings, that we will be annihilated by this chimera that we are simultaneously affirming and denying on a constant basis. Meanwhile, the genius of all legitimate religious expressions, or really anything which encourages healthy human development, as I see it anyhow, strongly insists that we drop all of that, in a very radical sense. There is an inordinate amount of our psychic and just basic life energy given to fighting off the current of love that underlies our actual existence. This happens, in fact, because due to the previous traumas of life which very few of us have been able to arrive to this point without having encountered, we end up becoming especially suspicious of Love itself — the very thing that is called for to heal these traumas. As an especially sad side-effect of this, we end up perpetuating this arc of lovelessness. It can be seen in an energetic pattern which we all hold, an emotional armor, a contraction or constriction that entraps the very most part of us that we in actuality are dying to express, simply by our essential nature.

And by “dying to express”, I mean that in the very literal sense of those words. The very fact of our incarnation necessarily implies our very dying in this same world. And so, just by matter of fact of us appearing in this world, we are called to express the character of our being within the constrictions of a lifespan. If we take this seriously enough, then it becomes possible to express that inherent paradox, i.e., limitless reconciling appearing as an art project almost. Which in fact we all are. Ernest Becker pointed this out in “The Denial of Death”, which was largely based on the work of Otto Rank and other Western psychologists and thinkers. It’s my opinion that many so-called “realizers” in the Indian and other traditions have expressed this as well, but have couched it in different terms. And as a matter of fact, despite the smoothing over of the so-called Perennial Philosophy, many of the sages often lumped thereunder have tended to express their realizations in very distinct ways. So, it’s my feeling that whatever human project might exist as one of realization or enlightenment or any of those other fancy words, which we may be tempted to conclude as being so homogenous in expression, actually takes on many unique particular manifestions, if not precisely altogether different forms.

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