The Arc of Lovelessness (4)


We can and should take seriously the insistence of Jesus that “in my house there are many mansions”. This is true on many levels — not just in the sense that God invites our souls to all of us as well as to God, but also in the sense that there is room enough for both our materialistic as well as other needs and wishes in this immediate world in general. It makes no difference to God; in fact God is only concerned with teaching us how to love, and other boring stuff like that. But if it need be the case to lead us to investing more of ourselves in that curriculum, then God is more than happy to give us whatever our hearts may desire.

This may sound very Pollyanna-ish, and to be sure, there are diverse interpretations of Jesus’ and other sages’ insistence on and assurance of God’s generosity, but, if one acknowledges one’s own native and eternal relationship with God, and desires to love God, (i.e., acknowledges the basic sense of love in oneself) then one will be embarrassingly blessed. That is the price of acknowledging one’s relationship to infinity. Mind you, the caveat of “be careful what you wish for” always applies. This is not any sort of curse, but rather a blanket acknowledgment that limited things will never truly satisfy our souls.

We are tempted to think at times of material things as somehow “wrong” or offenses against the Divine, but rather, we should think that it is an offense to harbor the notion the Divine would not love to give us everything that we long for, or put alternatively, that, simply having everything we can think of can ever truly satisfy us.

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