“I Am Not Mad. I Am Trying to Heal My Soul.”


Peace. Whereas there is such war everywhere, all the time. Life needn’t be a huge fight all the time. Or at all. Peace is the absence of that struggle. The absence of defense. Why do we go into loving relationships, even, as if they were a theater of war that we must gear up for?

The way that I’ve approached my life has involved war, constant war. No peace. Dissatisfaction with my mind, dissatisfaction with reality, the way things are. It needn’t be so. Peace is here and now. The entire world is actually made out of love, is simply a reflection, an extension of our heart;  however in our ignorance we actually build an alternate, superimposed world out of fear, we construct it entirely out of our fears.

An incredible emphasis on defendedness renders all of us scarred, before we even set foot into “battle”. Why have we turned intimate relationships, ostensibly the setting of and vehicle for love, into a theater of war? Our duty in this world as the body-minds that we are associated with is to incarnate further love into the world. This is nigh impossible however, as long as we are so defended. A rigid defendedness implies an expectation of and preparedness for war, for battle. But there is no battle aside from the one that we in fact perpetuate through our own habitual strategies of defendedness. Take inspiration from Paul Reps, and live and believe that the war is over, and in fact it is only you that is perpetuating it. War is over! Peace is all that there is.

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