Most people are not burnt out enough on trying to find real happiness or lasting satisfaction amidst the temporary conditions of samsara.

Most people don’t actually want to discover their true nature. They want to be entertained, or they desire to achieve greater prosperity, better relationships, etc., via self-help schemes.

Most people are still tangled up in the eight worldly preoccupations catalogued in the Buddhadharma teachings. They have not yet approached the freedom of not caring about receiving praise or blame, of being indifferent to either receiving recognition or having one’s name remain obscure, etc.

Most people are not willing to give up everything for Truth, for God, for Reality. They want to continue on with a comfortable middle-class existence, with all of the respectability, (illusory) security and comfort that such implies.

Most people are terrible at doing nothing, at simply being. They want something complicated and involved to occupy their minds with, they want to have a feeling of achievement, they want a sense of heroics, of having overcome obstacles. They want to get somewhere and to be Somebody, a la Brando’s character in On the Waterfront.

Most people work eight plus hours a day, not including commute-time, and all of the other time built around simply getting ready for and decompressing from the workday. This is an unnatural situation which leaves people exhausted, and with far too little leisure time to be able to devote to inner work and investigation of their being. Add to this the strain and labor involved in raising children, in maintaining relationships with their partners, in navigating all of the complexities one need deal with in contemporary society, and the result is that most are simply exhausted by the time they get around to figuring out how to spend their leisure opportunities. People quite understandably would prefer to catch up on sleep, or to numb or distract themselves with intoxicants and media entertainment than to meditate or spend time in contemplation.

Most people have been taught that we live in a sterile, unenchanted  world. Ideas and experiences concerning he Divine have been thoroughly exorcised, swept under the rug and repressed, so that we can then feel as if everything is under control and that the deity of Science will solve any problems and be able to explain away any loose ends. Most people are embarrassed to admit to devotional or religious feelings, for fear of coming off as some sort of superstitious bumpkin or worse yet, mentally unstable. As a result the incredible power effected by devotion to God or representations of enlightened mind is not taken advantage of so that one might be aided along the path.





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