Questioning the reign of lovelessness…


We can always find reasons not to love someone. So why even get started down that road, pondering whether someone is “deserving” of being loved or not? We may have been taught that way, but is such really even love, the idea that in order to be loved we must first earn it or prove ourselves worthy of it somehow? If we are going to start attempting to calculate whether others (or ourselves) are deserving of love or not, then we will end up never loving at all!


The only thing to do is to love without any hesitation whatsoever. If we have to go through a lengthy judgment process first, entailing determining whether others are worthy of our love and approval, then we will end up loving no one. Looking for reasons to love is the very definition of conditional love. If x is the case, if y condition is fulfilled, then I may deign to love you. All of the great saints and sages (and naturally God himself) followed the opposite tack. They love immediately, unconditionally, unhesitatingly. There is no tribunal or grand jury set up in their hearts to first measure out the virtues and vices of a given person (or animal or thing or vegetable or mineral). They simply love, as a matter of course.

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