We all love each other. The heart is incapable of closing, its outpourings can only be temporarily blocked (and even then, they are at work under the surface so to speak.) The reason why we close off in hatred or anger or grudge-holding is precisely because our hearts are so open and in fact the fundamental  reality. When the truth of this radical and permanent openness would seem to be challenged by someone or a particular situation, then we often contract and fold into doubt and attempt the impossible —  to staunch the always-flow, the ceaseless transmission that constitutes our hearts’ open nature. If hate were the fundamental reality then we would have stones inside of us rather than hearts (nothing against stones, and to be sure they also shine with God’s love, so begging pardon for metaphoric license here) and our deepest desires would be to be hated and to be able to give hate.  Or to be indifferent and to be able to radiate “passionate” indifference.


Furthermore, when we love someone, it is never a one-sided affair. Love by nature is non-dual, and so when we are loving someone, there is not “me” loving “them”, but simply LOVE . (Love dissolves the illusory sense of a separate “me” and “you”.) The ever-present love that is always there, being acknowledged by our conscious minds. Just as God (aka Love) is always already the case, is omnipresent. However we place barriers from experiencing and knowing God due to our thoughts, our doubts, our fears, our hesitations, etc.

The reason for our heartsickness with others, the reason for our heartsickness with God, the reason for the pains of our loneliness and sense of homesickness is precisely because Love is our deepest nature, the actualness of Reality, and we know this on some level, and following so, on experiencing the sense of separation caused by dualistic error we are feeling the “wrongness” of the situation – something that we know ultimately to be true (though if not in our conscious minds) is appearing to us differently, and the resulting dissonance bothers us – at some level we sense that something is wrong with this picture. Where has heaven gone?



on jealousy –
this speaks to why we must kill the mind. The mind will always attempt to interfere and to fascistly regulate, to gratuitously cause mischief, to stingily proportion and measure out – it is obsessed with accounting records, with balance sheets, with all dead ash in general – as opposed to the living waters. So we must ignore this mindstuff and instead attend to the everpresent quality of love. Right now, right here, love is. We are not separate from it (though we can try to portray ourselves as being so through our thoughts). Nor are the “others” separate.

This is the divine solvent which directly melts away all jealousy and possessiveness. No thinking necessary (or encouraged, in this case). Rather, simply acknowledgment of love’s presence.

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