Mind, give up your restlessness; hold the balance evenly before you. On one scale of the balance place all the objects of the world, and on the other God Himself, the Lord of Prosperity. As between these two, reflect wherein lies greater peace and greater good. From reasoning and experience, whatever appeals to you as the repository of bliss, take it with all your heart.     ~ Adi Shankara



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  1. 1 nitish kumar

    well sir, i chanced upon your website while looking for the works for robert adams, thanks for helping the curious seekers.
    also sir, i would like to know something more about you.
    thanks and regards

    • 2 muddypractice

      Hi, I’m glad if anything here has been helpful/enjoyable to you in some way. It’s always nice to hear from people who chance upon this blog.

      I’m not sure that there’s that much to tell about me or that I feel completely at ease divulging much biographical information here. For now I’ll say that I’m a middle-aged fellow who lives the U.S., and who several years ago began to fall in love with Ramana Maharshi and his life and teachings, as well as those of some of the other storied Indian saints and sages. If you are curious to know more you can always feel free to email me at muddypractice@gmail.com … or perhaps in the future I will relate more about myself in these pages.

      Best wishes!

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