Welcome. This is a space which consists of two main sections:

1) On the frontmost page you will find my assorted musings regarding whatever happens to spring to mind. Some of it may read as annoyingly pretentious, didactic and couched in painfully overwrought prose. Other of it may involve “poetry” that could well make you want to go yark in the nearest commode. What can I say, except that I hereby deny any legal, medical or moral responsibility for anything that may appear here. Be assured that it was all forged in a specifically-consecrated vessel comprised mostly of incipient mental illness and chewing gum wrapper mysticism.

2) Buried towards the back of the blog you can find some of my favorite posts from the Old Lightmind Forums (incidentally, there is a great new version of the forums which can be found here) which encompass a wide span of topics relating to spirituality, psychology, cults, Daism, and much more… I’ve posted these 72 sections consecutively under the heading of “Lightmind Extracts”. They “begin” at the very last page of the blog, and carry on uninterrupted, in no particular order of significance.

3) There is also a secret section containing some links to pdf’s of various illuminating books. But we won’t talk about that, because it is a secret. Additionally there are some links to other wonderful sites on the sidebar of the front page.


I hope you enjoy visiting here. I encourage you to leave comments if you feel so inclined.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Randy

    Great stuff! I’ll be back…

  2. 2 muddypractice

    Hey, thanks! Ha, so will I!

  3. 3 John Wiersba

    Found you secret section by accident and visited your site because of it. Thanks!

  4. Hi muddy practice – Do you know if there is a hard copy of the pdf for the Robert Adams Satsangs – The Complete Works which you have available here at https://muddypractice.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/robert-adams-complete-works-jan-2012-prev-unknown-files-now-dated-and-1-new-transcript-added1.pdf ? If anyone knows of one please let me know at annieliley@in.com.au


    • 6 muddypractice

      Hi Annie. Apologies for the long delay in replying.

      As far as I know, there exists no hard copy. I’m assuming that you already know of the book Silence of the Heart, which was published in print form. To the best of my knowledge, the satsang transcripts only exist in hard copy to the degree that the original attendees of meetings with Robert during his lifetime held onto them…

      In any case, it might be worth checking out the “Robert Adams Students and Friends” group on FB, if you haven’t already. I’d imagine people on there might have a more authoritative answer for you! (or perhaps one of the Robert Adams info sites could help with your query…)

  5. Ramana Maharishi was said to have a book called, “From I to Eternity.” Have you seen this available anywhere?

    • 8 muddypractice

      Hi, and apologies for the delay in replying.

      The only reference I’ve seen to such a title is in the transcripts of the Robert Adams satsangs, in which one of Robert’s students describes it as, “…a small little booklet. Essentially saying, come to our place
      and do meditation.” (“our place” referring to the group SAT — the press on this group is not too great!)

      I’m not an expert on Ramana Maharshi or his teachings, but here are references concerning his actual writings:

      from David Godman’s website

      from wikipedia

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