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mdpc 6.8.05 These are some great posts, thanks! Julian, I love the phrases that you used: “self-hating fantasy” and “resistance of our humanity”. I think you’re really getting to the heart of the matter there. Would love to see more discussion of this, and also of religion-as-effort-to-“fix”-our feelings of shame, self-hatred, unworthiness, etc. It’s the […]

Jim 3.13.05 One element I’d like to see added to the list of four factors that contribute to therapeutic change is the factor U Chicago psychologist Eugene Gendlin identified in his research. I’ve posted on this before and will paste in just a bit from an earlier post (that I posted on the older version […]

~T 2.1.05 I used to do this routine that Almaas recommends called the Hoffman or Quadrinity process, an emotional bath and maha-marathon including extraordinary confrontations and maniacal cathartic releases – contributed by Naranjo – around one’s belief systems. I also put people through it if they volunteered for duty. One of the things people worked […]

Jim 1.6.05 Column A Byron Katie Eckhart Tolle Andrew Cohen Adi Da Gangaji Adyashanti Saniel Bonder Nick Ardaagh Column B Stephen Levine Jack Kornfield Pema Chodron Shunryu Suzuki Roshi Thich Nhat Hanh Stephen Batchelor The Dalai Lama A.H. Almaas Steve Hagen Those in Column A either say or strongly imply that they are awake or […]