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The Nonduality Blog continues to be a site where some very active commenting and dialogue has been taking place since Franklin Jones aka Adi Da aka a dozen or so other names passed away last week. As many have noted, this is apparently the first time this much interaction has taken place between current and […]

Broken Yogi 5.6.07 People who claim to be enlightened, or who claim to be beyond such concepts as “enlightenment”, don’t much impress me, if they don’t show the signs of love, trust, surrender, happiness, and the fullness of simple being. I’m impressed with guys like Ramana, Papaji, Nisargadatta, etc., because they show such signs. Their […]

richlip 5.6.07 Well said BY. All the great breakthroughs in my life were preceded by surrender and trust. I remember when I gave all my money to the community during the $6.00 a week or month time. It was an act of faith without mulling over if I was doing the right thing. I simply […]

crc 5.22.07 richlip wrote: It is very clear that you have no understanding what the real process of awakening requires even though there are stories throughout the traditions that illustrate this ordeal quite well. There must be a conversion from self preservation to self sacrifice. How many people here believe that awakening requires ‘a conversion […]

crc 6.6.07 Elias wrote: Come to think of it, I might be not so easy to define Adi Da’s alleged ego. Ego? Maybe. Or maybe something egoless, amorphous, and demonic at the same time. Elias Elias, your remark coalesced an idea that’s been brewing in the back of my mind. I think you’re absolutely right […]

Broken Yogi 5.2.07 Quote: Who can be trusted? IMO. no one. One must be a light unto oneself as the familiar phrase says. We have to use our own inteligence. We are the Guru. Listen to everyone but believe no one. I disagree with these sentiments. There is a paranoid element to the exposure of […]

Jim 1.12.05 Harrison asks what an enlightened person would have that you don’t have and he asks if you think Ramana could have raised your children and met the challenges that cross your path every day. What does Bill Gates have that I don’t have? About sixty billion dollars. Could Picasso have raised your children […]