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crc 3.4.07 Quote: As you know the painbody (Tolle) loves to keep growing and occupy our bodymind like a parasite (Ruiz). An ugly, dangerous and misleading concept. There is no painbody per se, there are only various parts in pain. And this pain points our attention to distress or damage in the physical or emotional […]

Jim 1.6.05 Column A Byron Katie Eckhart Tolle Andrew Cohen Adi Da Gangaji Adyashanti Saniel Bonder Nick Ardaagh Column B Stephen Levine Jack Kornfield Pema Chodron Shunryu Suzuki Roshi Thich Nhat Hanh Stephen Batchelor The Dalai Lama A.H. Almaas Steve Hagen Those in Column A either say or strongly imply that they are awake or […]

Jim 1.12.05 Harrison asks what an enlightened person would have that you don’t have and he asks if you think Ramana could have raised your children and met the challenges that cross your path every day. What does Bill Gates have that I don’t have? About sixty billion dollars. Could Picasso have raised your children […]

Puer 9.18.04 Hi Jim, A couple of quick impressions: After knowing Adya for a number of years, I can comfortably say that he doesn’t care about an AQAL model at all. He’s not an intellectual at all. Doesn’t care a whit about reconciling this map and that spectrum and that fulcrum … Doesn’t even seem […]

Puer 9.18.04 Credentials?!! You want some stinkin’ creditials??!!! Hi Jonru, I was tempted to respond to some points made in the root post of this thread … but (with according appropriate respect to you, Julian), the spiritual vanity was a bit too … um … pungent … yes, pungent, that’s the word … for my […]