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Broken Yogi 5.6.07 People who claim to be enlightened, or who claim to be beyond such concepts as “enlightenment”, don’t much impress me, if they don’t show the signs of love, trust, surrender, happiness, and the fullness of simple being. I’m impressed with guys like Ramana, Papaji, Nisargadatta, etc., because they show such signs. Their […]

Broken Yogi 5.6.07 Yes, I agree. There are countless stories like this, big and small, all over the world, in every religion, no matter how screwy the religion is. The power of faith and trust in God is amazing and remarkable.

richlip 5.6.07 Well said BY. All the great breakthroughs in my life were preceded by surrender and trust. I remember when I gave all my money to the community during the $6.00 a week or month time. It was an act of faith without mulling over if I was doing the right thing. I simply […]

Broken Yogi 5.5.07 Some thoughts: First, I think you are wrong that we trust 100% in anything. Money least of all. Yes, we have a fairly stable economic system in the west, but this does not stop people from worrying tremendously about money. If you limit your “trust” to the simple matter of is your […]

Elias 3.1.07 Quote: BY: But yes, bliss is dualistic. Too bad. Orgasm also. Even ice cream. What a party-pooper! Broken Yogi’s statement about bliss definitely describes a “dualistic” bliss. He compares spiritual bliss to an orgasm and even to ice cream. That is to say he appears to equate spiritual bliss with various neurological or […]

Jim 8.28.04 Hi Paul. Good topic and good post. Wilber doesn’t say much about grace, does he? He does equate grace with agape and he says that grace is freely given and shines on all, urging eros to return to the Source. In the context of Japanese Buddhism (Zen and Pure Land), he equates grace […]

Paul M. 8.27.04 To me, Wilber wrote no finer book than “Grace and Grit.” But he doesn’t talk about “grace” that much, at least not as a topic per se. He talks about grit a lot, and about grace a little. His meeting with the Germans in the bar is one example. In an odd […]