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crc 8.26.07 Jana wrote: “If spirituality were even remotely the solution to (much less salvation from) oppressive power structures, there’d be less evidence of those same oppressive power structures in the social reality that actually constellates around nearly every spiritual leader.” Yea, this kinda of thing made me outright dismiss modern spirituality in groups … […]

Jim 3.13.05 One element I’d like to see added to the list of four factors that contribute to therapeutic change is the factor U Chicago psychologist Eugene Gendlin identified in his research. I’ve posted on this before and will paste in just a bit from an earlier post (that I posted on the older version […]

Jim 1.12.05 Harrison asks what an enlightened person would have that you don’t have and he asks if you think Ramana could have raised your children and met the challenges that cross your path every day. What does Bill Gates have that I don’t have? About sixty billion dollars. Could Picasso have raised your children […]

Jim 11.18.04 My post is pretty much Transpersonal Psychology 101 circa the mid-70’s, before Wilber published his first book. It’s standard transpersonal theory that what Wilber calls centauric integration (which is what Grof refers to as ego death in my quotes of him) and nondual enlightenment are two different kinds of development. Here are two […]

~julian 10.27.04 interesting points markdavid. i agree critical thinking is important and that the neoadvaitins are a force seeking to spread their message, who are themselves very critical of other approaches – they do after all have the market cornered “absolute truth”…….(or is that the born again christians?) anyway…. nice to hear a critique from […]

~julian 10.26.04 hey guys, reading the interesting dialog on adyashanti below. here are some of my observations. these are not about adya in particular, but come from having been in and around the satsang based groups since 1996: spending 8 months or so in a gangaji group (watching videos of satsangs and then discussing/meditating), going […]

~julian 9.27.04 yeah! so glad my earlier post evoked the discussion below. of course, the discussion has a life of it’s own, but glad to see it associated with my comments…..thanks, dudes. jim thanks for your endless patience in attempting to clarify and disentangle. heruka thanks for your enthusiasm and willingess to commit to a […]

Jim 10.5.04 Another awesome post, Julian! You cover a lot of important territory, and as you noted in a previous post, this is territory that Wilber at best glosses over in his work, in part because he’s never worked in the capacity of an integral/transpersonal therapist, and in part because as he’s said his aim […]

Puer 9.18.04 Hi Jim, A couple of quick impressions: After knowing Adya for a number of years, I can comfortably say that he doesn’t care about an AQAL model at all. He’s not an intellectual at all. Doesn’t care a whit about reconciling this map and that spectrum and that fulcrum … Doesn’t even seem […]

~julian 9.17.04 jim and heruka, great dialog below. jim you are in rare form, taking any good brain supplements i should know about? heruka, it’s interesting to see the shift in your expressed opinion from cohen-esque “arduous work to defeat (fry) the ego is the only way” to adyashanti’s “just let go of the effort […]