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Broken Yogi 5.6.07 People who claim to be enlightened, or who claim to be beyond such concepts as “enlightenment”, don’t much impress me, if they don’t show the signs of love, trust, surrender, happiness, and the fullness of simple being. I’m impressed with guys like Ramana, Papaji, Nisargadatta, etc., because they show such signs. Their […]

Broken Yogi 5.6.07 Yes, I agree. There are countless stories like this, big and small, all over the world, in every religion, no matter how screwy the religion is. The power of faith and trust in God is amazing and remarkable.

richlip 5.6.07 Well said BY. All the great breakthroughs in my life were preceded by surrender and trust. I remember when I gave all my money to the community during the $6.00 a week or month time. It was an act of faith without mulling over if I was doing the right thing. I simply […]

Broken Yogi 5.5.07 Some thoughts: First, I think you are wrong that we trust 100% in anything. Money least of all. Yes, we have a fairly stable economic system in the west, but this does not stop people from worrying tremendously about money. If you limit your “trust” to the simple matter of is your […]

Broken Yogi 5.3.07 Quote: … treat everyone, not necessarily as untrustworthy, but with a keen eye for any signs of deviance. After all deviance and exploitation is rampant in the industry. As Krishnamurti used to say, truly good people are hard to find. Trying to find the gold is like trying to find a needle […]

crc 8.27.07 Jana wrote: I don’t think transcendence is the problem, but blind ignore-ance… * * * * Power and spirituality are anti-thetical. Do you see any solution to this problem? Transcendence is quite problematical in that most proponents of transcendence harbor assumptions and attitudes that bear looking into, to say the least. As it’s […]

crc 8.26.07 Jana wrote: “If spirituality were even remotely the solution to (much less salvation from) oppressive power structures, there’d be less evidence of those same oppressive power structures in the social reality that actually constellates around nearly every spiritual leader.” Yea, this kinda of thing made me outright dismiss modern spirituality in groups … […]

crc 5.22.07 richlip wrote: It is very clear that you have no understanding what the real process of awakening requires even though there are stories throughout the traditions that illustrate this ordeal quite well. There must be a conversion from self preservation to self sacrifice. How many people here believe that awakening requires ‘a conversion […]

Elias 9.12.07 Quote: As for the thinking of the realizer, I have no doubt that some process is going on in the brain that looks like thought, just as when the realizer acts, it looks like a person is acting, and yet, in consciousness there is no sense whatsoever of thinking or acting on their […]

Elias 2.24.07 Quote: Now I understand why Elias likes the ego, and tries to find a way to deliver the ego from out of the solipsistic circle, and let it become the child of God, or the sprout that grows into God, or something like that. I understand why you like that also. I would […]