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Broken Yogi 9.9.06 I’m not sure you’re getting the point of my western “jungles” reference. You seem not to understand that realizers arise in reaction to, in spite of, their culture. Do you really think India has been some kind of human paradise for the last three millennia, when all these realizers have appeared there? […]

Jim 1.26.05 I noted the comparison made here (by Jonathan and others) between Adyashanti’s teachings and Atiyoga (Dzogchen) and Lama Surya Das’ Americanized Dzogchen, and then I saw this quote of Adyashanti on a neighboring forum: The two biggest prongs of what I teach are number one, to abide and number two, to inquire deeply. […]

~julian 11.27.04 hmmm actually what i am saying heru is that everything is not relative. there is a difference between integral thinking and relativism. this is precisely the new age error: a lack of discernment in the name of non-judgment. you are doing it here too, imo :O) the half right part of you create […]

~julian 10.26.04 hey guys, reading the interesting dialog on adyashanti below. here are some of my observations. these are not about adya in particular, but come from having been in and around the satsang based groups since 1996: spending 8 months or so in a gangaji group (watching videos of satsangs and then discussing/meditating), going […]

~julian 9.27.04 yeah! so glad my earlier post evoked the discussion below. of course, the discussion has a life of it’s own, but glad to see it associated with my comments…..thanks, dudes. jim thanks for your endless patience in attempting to clarify and disentangle. heruka thanks for your enthusiasm and willingess to commit to a […]

~julian 9.17.04 hey heruka, i hear you saying i have a limited perception of you. sure. this is a limited medium. sorry if i have characterized you unfairly. i see that you are tasting and trying, exploring and experimenting, as are we all! yeah! we did have a good heated discussion about cohen a while […]

~julian 9.17.04 jim and heruka, great dialog below. jim you are in rare form, taking any good brain supplements i should know about? heruka, it’s interesting to see the shift in your expressed opinion from cohen-esque “arduous work to defeat (fry) the ego is the only way” to adyashanti’s “just let go of the effort […]