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The Nonduality Blog continues to be a site where some very active commenting and dialogue has been taking place since Franklin Jones aka Adi Da aka a dozen or so other names passed away last week. As many have noted, this is apparently the first time this much interaction has taken place between current and […]

Broken Yogi 5.6.07 People who claim to be enlightened, or who claim to be beyond such concepts as “enlightenment”, don’t much impress me, if they don’t show the signs of love, trust, surrender, happiness, and the fullness of simple being. I’m impressed with guys like Ramana, Papaji, Nisargadatta, etc., because they show such signs. Their […]

Broken Yogi 5.5.07 Some thoughts: First, I think you are wrong that we trust 100% in anything. Money least of all. Yes, we have a fairly stable economic system in the west, but this does not stop people from worrying tremendously about money. If you limit your “trust” to the simple matter of is your […]

Elias 9.12.07 Quote: As for the thinking of the realizer, I have no doubt that some process is going on in the brain that looks like thought, just as when the realizer acts, it looks like a person is acting, and yet, in consciousness there is no sense whatsoever of thinking or acting on their […]

~T 2.2.05 ….why did Nisargadatta do his practices everyday pre and post realization? If we eliminate guilt, hope for Siddhahood and righteousness in contemplating this, what then?