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mdpc¬† 6.8.05 Great interview. If I’m not crazy, I think it was included in Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics which also contains some other great stuff. Also, there was an issue of Tricycle magazine (circa ’96) devoted to the same subject. I like that Lama Surya Das quote that Jim referenced in the “what […]

~julian 10.26.04 hey guys, reading the interesting dialog on adyashanti below. here are some of my observations. these are not about adya in particular, but come from having been in and around the satsang based groups since 1996: spending 8 months or so in a gangaji group (watching videos of satsangs and then discussing/meditating), going […]

~julian 9.27.04 yeah! so glad my earlier post evoked the discussion below. of course, the discussion has a life of it’s own, but glad to see it associated with my comments…..thanks, dudes. jim thanks for your endless patience in attempting to clarify and disentangle. heruka thanks for your enthusiasm and willingess to commit to a […]

~julian 10.5.04 paul, i am responding to your questions re: how i have seen/experienced these initiations occurring a) the direct experience of the primal emotional layer of the psyche essentially, as i was saying before, this is about softening the ego-defenses and breaking through into the underlying emotional pain, grief, rage, shame, etc that we […]

~julian 9.23.04 here are three major initiatory experiences that i think are meaningful in the context of a discussion of transpersonal psychology: a) the initiation into the primal emotional layer of the psyche, in which one directly experiences core emotional conflicts and lets go into full feeling and expression. here we are breaking through rationalizations, […]