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mdpc 6.2.05 Hi all, greatly enjoying the discussions here. Picked up this book recently, and am curious if anyone else here has read it. It’s part of the SUNY series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology. “Dark Night, Early Dawn: Steps to a Deep Ecology of Mind” by Christopher M. Bache. The author draws on his […]

mdpc¬† 6.8.05 Great interview. If I’m not crazy, I think it was included in Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics which also contains some other great stuff. Also, there was an issue of Tricycle magazine (circa ’96) devoted to the same subject. I like that Lama Surya Das quote that Jim referenced in the “what […]

mdpc 6.8.05 These are some great posts, thanks! Julian, I love the phrases that you used: “self-hating fantasy” and “resistance of our humanity”. I think you’re really getting to the heart of the matter there. Would love to see more discussion of this, and also of religion-as-effort-to-“fix”-our feelings of shame, self-hatred, unworthiness, etc. It’s the […]

~julian 6.7.05 i am so struck today by a particular dynamic in the psyche. a powerful dynamic that seems to be universal. it pivots on the feeling of shame; self hatred, the feeling that in my very core something is wrong with me, i am unworthy or just plain bad. i am struck today by […]

mdpc 6.14.05 The O.J. Simpson trial- jealousy-fueled rage, sexual control Clinton/Lewinsky- extra-marital sexuality, power Chandra Levy disappearance/murder- extra-marital sexuality, vanity ( i.e., Gary Condit’s apparent concern for his career outweighing concern for the well-being of a woman he had been intimate with) Scott Peterson- extra-marital sexuality, rage at being confined to adult roles/responsibilities? Michael Jackson- […]

Jim 1.12.05 Harrison asks what an enlightened person would have that you don’t have and he asks if you think Ramana could have raised your children and met the challenges that cross your path every day. What does Bill Gates have that I don’t have? About sixty billion dollars. Could Picasso have raised your children […]

Jim 11.18.04 My post is pretty much Transpersonal Psychology 101 circa the mid-70’s, before Wilber published his first book. It’s standard transpersonal theory that what Wilber calls centauric integration (which is what Grof refers to as ego death in my quotes of him) and nondual enlightenment are two different kinds of development. Here are two […]

~julian 10.5.04 paul, i am responding to your questions re: how i have seen/experienced these initiations occurring a) the direct experience of the primal emotional layer of the psyche essentially, as i was saying before, this is about softening the ego-defenses and breaking through into the underlying emotional pain, grief, rage, shame, etc that we […]

~julian 9.23.04 here are three major initiatory experiences that i think are meaningful in the context of a discussion of transpersonal psychology: a) the initiation into the primal emotional layer of the psyche, in which one directly experiences core emotional conflicts and lets go into full feeling and expression. here we are breaking through rationalizations, […]